The time frames on the topic:
Agriculture & orcharding

In the Altes Land, fruit has been grown for over 900 years. Fruit growing had to become more and more economical and consumer demands have changed. The retail sector and the EU regulations determine the trading classes and what is marketable as trading class I. The cultivation adapts to the market. In the late 1980s, integrated farming was introduced in the Altes Land. Today, the method of cultivation is standard and the number of organically producing plants is increasing. The Altes Land is a special economic area where producers, traders, developers and manufacturers of special machinery and equipment and research and science work together in a small region.

Almost all the time frames of the Hollerweg have overlapping topics. However, they are always assigned to only one topic. The topic, which becomes more vivid at this point, than elsewhere.

Time frames on the topic agriculture and orcharding:

• The Esteburg

• Watering ponds Burweg